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Dear Friends:

The postcards continue to arrive from the opposition with misrepresentation and lack of the whole truth.

On the bill where I was the only dissenting vote (HB 2613), here is my explanation of vote that was published in the House Journal of February 27, 2014:

-- MR. SPEAKER: While I wholeheartedly support the intent of this bill, I cannot vote for legislation that contains medically incorrect information. I remain hopeful that this will be corrected by the Senate and look forward to voting "yes" when the bill returns from conference committee. I vote no on HB 2613. – BARBARA BOLLIER

The Latest from Facebook

Voting can be complex and about many things. I have always encouraged my constituents to contact me about my votes. I have heard from hundreds of you this past year, although I have never heard from the one constituent (my opponent) who is spreading all of this misrepresentation. As posted on my Facebook page, "Then you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free" - John 8:32, the scripture I am holding fast to as the lies continue in my district. I will NEVER lie or misrepresent the facts!

I ask for your vote as you select your Republican candidate for House District 21.

Vote Monday until noon at these locations or Tuesday on official Election Day. View your polling place and ballot here.

Your vote matters!


For the past 8 weeks I have enjoyed going door to door meeting with you and talking about the issues and your concerns for our community. The number one concern voiced has been your desire to continue the legacy of excellence in public education for our children. As I have said at your doorsteps, I stand ready to tackle the issues with you and look forward to being able to work together as the primary campaign season winds down.

Fact Checks

Elections always bring postcards to your mailboxes asserting information that often needs reviewing. I have kept my promise to reserve using your e-mail for my newsletters but realize that a few reality checks are needed due to misrepresentation of votes I made this past year.

HB 2506, the school bill that resolved the equity half of the Gannon Supreme Court ruling, was brought to us for a vote BEFORE THE BILL WAS EVEN WRITTEN! I explained in a former newsletter that I will NOT bring Washington-style politics to the Kansas statehouse; thus, my NO vote on this particular bill. The education bill I voted for this year was the best plan for Johnson County schools. It included $83 million in new funding for our classrooms, combined with increased local control and $74 million in property tax relief. Of course I support our public schools, and I have a five-year voting record to stand behind that statement. To say otherwise is simply wrong. My colleague, Melissa Rooker wrote an excellent piece explaining "The Rest of the Story" on this bill.

HB 2553 asked for a vote that included taking Medicare out of the federal system, putting those costs onto Kansas taxpayers and risking the Medicare system that seniors in our state now rely upon. As explained in a previous newsletter, when I asked the carrier of the bill what plans had been put in place to actually administer Medicare in Kansas, the answer was "none". Criticizing my vote to protect 400,000 Kansas seniors and Medicare raises a huge red flag in my book.

HB 2552 removes the Governor from being in charge of possible Medicaid expansion and places the legislature in control. I believe the Governor is best-suited for that decision and voted accordingly. I am still unclear why that vote is being described as taking a position on "Obamacare". The Supreme Court was very clear that Medicaid expansion was NOT a requirement of the Affordable Care Act.

I urge you to seek the facts before drawing conclusions based on the misleading and untruthful mailers that continue to arrive in our mailboxes. I am always available either by e-mail or cell phone ( or 913-485-2121). Lobbyists supporting my opponent have said on postcards to call me, but printed the number for my office in Topeka. Since we are not in session again until next January, it is not a way to reach me and they know that.

Participating in our community by voting is essential to democracy. If you have not already done so, you can vote NOW at 6000 Lamar or 9600 Metcalf, or wait until August 5th and vote at your regular polling place. If you requested and have received an early ballot, be sure to fill it out, SIGN IT, and mail it in. As I have said at many doorsteps, I am looking for our district to have the BEST voter turnout in the state for the primary.

Please visit to view surveys, endorsements and articles about this race, other races within Johnson County and across the state.

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It is absolutely a privilege to represent District 21 and I will always serve with integrity, honor, honesty, and passion. I do not participate in attack ads or misrepresentation of information. Our country deserves better than that. We need leaders who exercise positive traits daily and are role-models for our children. I am that candidate and I ask for your vote August 5th.


Barbara Bollier